Why horseshoes when there is a worldwide proven hoof boot? Our SWISS HORSE BOOT has been in successful use unchanged since 1988. It was designed as a fully-fledged replacement for horseshoes and is ideally suited for all areas of use. No more shoeing - just cut it out!

The SWISS HORSE BOOT should not be missing in any stable. Ideally suited for riding in the country and / or as a sick shoe with and without bandages.

Due to the different ground conditions, the majority of horses need hoof protection.

No one likes to walk in shoes that do not fit. Therefore, finding the right size and fit is the most important task when buying a hoof boot.

The SWISS HORSE BOOT is completely drawn from one piece; no welded seam and no screwed joints.

The shoes are only fitted with a small retaining strap, which only prevents them from slipping off in an emergency under extreme conditions of use.

The SWISS HORSE BOOT does not hinder the horse in its course of movement. The horse walks with BOOTs as if barefoot, because the natural rolling mechanism is not hindered by our SWISS HORSE BOOT.