Replacement buckle

If the safety buckle should break, it can easily be replaced. To do this, open the rivet on the strap. The new buckle is to be threaded in analogue to the existing fastening. Then close the belt again with a rivet.

2 rivets are supplied with the replacement buckle.

Note: Our safety buckles are intentionally made of plastic so that they cannot cause any injuries. Also, the buckles cannot "bend" so that they can no longer be opened under certain circumstances.

Protective cover

If the protective cover around the retaining straps is lost or torn, it can be replaced.

Fit the new protective cover onto the existing retaining strap. To do this, press the protective cover together with a flat object (e.g. ruler) and use a drop of liquid soap to help. This will give you a better sliding effect.

Spare rivets

Our retaining strap is attached to the SWISSHORSEBOOT with rivets. For a possible repair or the installation of spare parts, new rivets are required.

These can also be pressed together with a large pair of pliers (e.g. pipe wrench) even without a special riveting tool.

Spare Parts

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