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Why shod?


The best solution for your horse:

Our worlwide proven SWISS HORSE BOOT and winner of many international test with flying colours.

Since 1988 our SWISS HORSE BOOT is still very successfully in use. The SWISS HORSE BOOT was developed as a full replacement for nailed shoes. Suitable indoor and outdoor.

No more shoeing; trimming only. The SWISS HORSE BOOT should be available in all stables as a full replacement for nailed shoes as well as a protection for all hoof diseases.

Pulled out completely of one piece!

No vulcanised seams!

No connecting screws!

Fitted with a small strappy and a safety buckle only.

Extremely durable; 6 - 8 times longer than nailed shoes!

Your horse gets use to it within a very short time at the first day.

Very seldom a habituation time of 1 - 2 days.


The SWISS HORSE BOOT doesn´t hinder your horse in his natural movement;

he walks like "barefoot".


The correct size is very important!

We offer 7 different size to choose from.

Important for the correct size is the width of each hoof in (Millimeter) mm or inches.