How do I measure a horse`s boot size?

How to find the right size?


Measure the hoof; preferable after trimming, at the widest point. Then measure the length of the hoof (only the part that hits the ground).
If according to the size chart, the length is too long (do not include the heel), we recommend that the toe be shortened; maximum to the white line.


If the width of the hoof is 4 6/8“ (12,1 cm) at the widest point, this corresponds to size Nr. 1, then the length of the hoof should not be longer than 5“ (12,5cm).

Please, take time to measure your horse`s hoof properly. Only with the exact measurements, we can supply the right, front left, rear right and rear left. If you are not sure, make an exact sketch of each hoof print on a piece of paper.