How to fit the „SWISS HORSE BOOT“?

a) First, the hoof has to be trimmed , greaseless and thoroughly cleaned.
b) Pull the „Boot“ over the hoof – using a slightly twisting motion – left-right-left etc
This procedure should initially not be too smooth. In case that the twisting fitting motions are too difficult – you may use a hammer – preferably a wooden or rubber one – and hit the „Boot“ firmly in the toe area – later in the below the „heel“ area. It is essential that the toes fit into the Boot`s front area and the heel must fit into the „Boot“. Then allow the horse to step firmly into the „Boot“.
Now, test manually how snugly the hoof fit into „Boot“ – and if both toe and heel fit snugly – the fitting is considered optimal. In the event, however, that there are air-bubbles in the boot or that the toes do not fit tightly in the toe part of the„Boot“ – despite full pressure applied in a standing position of the animal, the following modifications need to be made:

To correct the angle ratio, a hairdryer (1500 to 2000 Watt) is required to warm up the inside of the Boot especially in the toe area – and immediately thereafter – refit the Boot. Then allow the „Boot“ to cool – which can be speeded up by tossing cold water over the „Boot“.
Caution: Boot should not be over heated – but repeated warming processes can be used until it can be more easily put on the hoof.

Same methode can be applied where the process to put on the „Boot“ is too difficult.
In the case where the „Boot“ fits well from „toe to heel“ – but there is an air bubble on either the right or left side – which could cause a shifting of the „Boot“ - the following procedure shall be applied:
Rivet 1 or 2 inserts made of the same material on either – or both sides of the inner wall of the „Boot“. Prior to riveting the inserts, however, it is suggested to tape inserts to allow testing the elimination of „air pocket“ – and securing a tight fit. - Such inserts can be ordered.